South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation is a group of local residents committed to maintaining South Boston’s character as an affordable, safe, working class community. South Boston NDC seeks to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood by preserving and creating affordable housing and by addressing issues that affect resident health and the livability of South Boston.

In addition, South Boston NDC was established for the following purpose:

  • To ensure that the development and use of available land meets the desires of South Boston residents and preserves and improves the residential quality South Boston’s neighborhoods.
  • To participate in partnerships with local human service providers to co-ordinate the provision of affordable housing and services.
  • To increase the permanent job opportunities for South Boston residents by encouraging and initiating economic development projects.
  • To foster an environment free of prejudice and discrimination in South Boston so that all residents may attain peaceful and safe enjoyment of their homes and neighborhood.
  • To participate with South Boston businesses and financial institutions to facilitate the creation of affordable housing and job opportunities.