When you make a donation over $1,000 to South Boston Neighborhood Development, Massachusetts will refund half of your entire donation back to you!

Through the Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) program, donations of $1,000 or more are eligible for a 50% state tax credit. Unlike many tax credit programs, CITC is very simple and all donors are eligible!

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How does it work?

  1. Let’s say you make a generous donation of $5,000 to SBNDC
  2. You complete a simple online form and the state issues you a tax credit certification number
  3. When you file your state income taxes, enter your certification number and receive a refund for 50% of your donation. That’s $2,500 back in your pocket!

What if I owe on my Massachusetts state taxes?

If you owe on your Mass. income taxes, your refund will reduce your tax bill. Whatever is left over is refunded back to you in cash, as part of your tax refund.

What if I don’t have any Massachusetts tax obligation?

If you don’t owe any Mass. income taxes, your full CITC refund (50% of your original donation amount), is added to your other total tax refund.

How much of my donation will SBNDC receive?

South Boston NDC receives the full amount you originally donated. 

How does CITC double my impact?

Through the CITC program, half of your donated amount is refunded back to you, putting 50% of your donation back in your pocket. But SBNDC receives the full amount of your donation. The impact of your donation is double the dollar amount you actually give!

The CITC program makes it possible for many donors to give twice as much as they normally could, because they know they’ll receive 50% back at tax time.

Even though you get half of your donation back, SBNDC receives the full donation amount and you will have made a significant contribution to affordable housing and quality of life programming in South Boston.

I am an individual, is my donation eligible for a refund?

Yes! All Massachusetts taxpayers who make a gift of $1,000 or more, including individuals and families, are eligible to receive a refund for 50% of their donation when they file Massachusetts state income taxes.

You must complete a short online form to receive your tax credit certification number, which you will enter when filing your state taxes to apply the refund.

There are a limited number of tax credits available. To ensure we have tax credits available for your donation, or if you have questions about taking advantage of this program, contact Donna Brown at donna.brown@sbndc.org or 617-268-9610 for more information.

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South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation



The South Boston Community Investment Plan continues South Boston NDC’s 30 year mission to increase the supply of affordable housing in the neighborhood. The plan also expands on other mission goals to address neighborhood challenges such as substance abuse, obstacles to living-wage employment, and quality of life issues affecting resident health and the livability of the South Boston neighborhood.

South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation (SBNDC) is a certified, mission-driven Community Development Corporation (CDC) dedicated to the provision of greater economic, education, and housing opportunities in South Boston, so that ALL people can live with dignity. SBNDC engages local residents and businesses to work together to undertake community development initiatives, which improve the urban community in sustainable ways that expand economic opportunities for low- and moderate-income people. SBNDC improves South Boston through real estate development, small business development, and resident engagement.

The Community Investment Plan outlines three major goals for SBNDC.

  1. SBNDC aims to increase the supply of affordable housing in South Boston, through the rehabilitation of existing buildings and new construction.
  2. SBNDC will continue to work toward improving the quality of life for residents of South Boston by addressing environmental and behavioral issues through creating green spaces and greater access to fresh produce and nutrition information.
  3. SBNDC plans to focus on economic development by providing small business assistance and creating a workforce development program.

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