Quality of Life


South Boston NDC aims to improve the quality of life for residents of South Boston by addressing environmental and behavioral issues through creating green space and providing greater access to fresh produce and nutrition information. South Boston NDC has also retrofitted several of its properties in order to reduce costs and energy use for residents, and to improve their living environments.

Southie Trees

Southie Trees is a program dedicated to expanding the tree canopy and educating the public about the important health and quality of life benefits of urban trees.

  • South Boston is the neighborhood with the third smallest percentage of tree canopy in Boston, ranked above only East Boston and the central district.
  • Southie Trees has planted close to 50 trees since its founding.
  • Southie Trees partners with the South Boston Community Health Center to coordinate youth volunteers to maintain the health of over 100 trees on West Broadway, which provide benefits across a range of areas including aesthetics, reduction of energy costs, stormwater drainage, stored carbon dioxide, and air quality that are valued at approximately $14,320 per year.
  • In 2013, Southie Trees organized ten community events, including tree plantings, tree giveaways, neighborhood clean-ups, and flower bulb plantings, which engaged over 100 volunteers from the community and local high schools.
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South Boston Farmers Market

The South Boston Farmers Market is dedicated to improving access for South Boston residents to healthy, fresh, nutritious local produce, fish, and eggs.

  • Corn on the cob
  • Asparagus & Rhubarb
  • Frozen skate from Red's Best
  • The market takes place from noon to 6 pm on Mondays from June through October, in front of the municipal parking lot at 446 West Broadway.
  • South Boston has a higher rate of adults who are overweight or obese than Boston as a whole and the highest rate of inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption among all the neighborhoods in Boston.
  • All market vendors accept SNAP and Farmers Market Nutrition Coupons, and the Boston Bounty Bucks match program is available for SNAP recipients.
  • Local non-profits and other community resource organization often table at the market to offer information or free services.
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Greening Our Portfolio

South Boston NDC is committed to making meaningful improvements to our buildings that help reduce energy use, save money, and create a healthy living environment for our residents.

  • Through the Massachusetts Green Retrofit Initiative, South Boston NDC has received assistance and funding to evaluate and improve the energy efficiency of our eligible properties.
  • We replaced inefficient boilers, converted from electric to gas heating systems, and improved the lighting systems in several of our buildings. These changes have reduced our tenants’ utility costs and the energy usage of our portfolio.
  • South Boston NDC continues to look for ways to improve the energy efficiency of our properties through grants and partnerships.