Southie Trees is an environmental initiative founded by Tech Networks of Boston. In January 2013, Tech Networks decided to focus on the larger issue of climate change and so South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation stepped in and took over the program.

Southie Trees is devoted to preserving and maintaining tree cover in South Boston. At only 9% tree cover, South Boston is the third lowest of all Boston neighborhoods, just ahead of East Boston and Downtown Boston. Every day, trees are being lost to diseases linked to climate change, new, large-scale construction and redevelopment, lack of maintenance, and an overall lack of environmental awareness. There is an urgent need to educate the South Boston community about the importance of trees and how to preserve them.

It is Southie Trees’ goal to ensure that everyone receives the benefits of trees. More trees mean:

  • Lower asthma and immune disease rates due to pollution filtering
  • Quieter streets thanks to leaves and branch muffling sound
  • Cooler summers from shade and transpiration
  • Higher property values and an aesthetically appealing neighborhood atmosphere
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Please email if you’d like to volunteer with tree plantings, tree counting, or other initiatives.